HIQA has launched a public consultation on the Draft national infection prevention and control standards for community services.


Our Standards team sets national standards and develops guidance for health and social care services.

Working in conjunction with a wide range of stakeholders, we aim to improve the quality and safety of health and social care services by setting national standards and publishing guidance. Standards promote practice that is up to date, evidence based, effective and consistent. Standards help the people who provide health and social care services to identify strengths and highlight areas that may need improvement, while also aiming to show people what safe, high-quality care should look like and what to expect from a service.

What we do

The Standards team sets national standards for health and social care services to:

  • provide a common language to describe what high quality, safe, person-centred care looks like
  • create a basis for services to improve the quality and safety of the care they deliver by identifying strengths and highlighting areas for improvement,
  • assist people using services to understand what they should expect from a service
  • promote practice that is up to date, effective and consistent.

We also develop guidance to help staff working in health and social care services to implement national standards or as a guide to making improvements in a particular area.

When we finalise national standards and guidance documents, we also publish additional support materials to help people to understand and implement them.

How we do it

We carried out an international review to examine how similar organisations throughout the world develop standards and guidance.

The findings from this review, along with engagement with other key stakeholders helped us to revise HIQA’s methodology.

We use a consistent approach to develop all national standards and guidance. The detailed methodology of how we develop standards and guidance is outlined in this short course and also briefly described in the process diagrams at the bottom of the page

Other resources

Additional information on our methodology is available in the below process documents and online learning resources. These may be useful to people undertaking similar work and can be used freely with acknowledgement to ‘HIQA’.

  1. Designing, facilitating and analysing focus groups - online course
  2. Evidence synthesis process for the development of standards and guidance - pdf
  3. Methodology for conduction focus groups - pdf

See our process diagrams

  • Process for developing national standards

  • Process for developing guidance